Overwatch – My Brother’s Review

My brother is probably one of the biggest gaming nerd kid in the neighborhood. Whenever there’s a new game coming out, he’d be the first to know. So when I decided to ask him about Overwatch, he gave me a long lecture about the game’s features and why I should play it. Below are just some of the things he said, so please enjoy!

Overwatch, a team-based multiplayer shooter, is a combination of Half-Life shooter games, Pixar’s three-dimensional graphics, and World of Warcraft’s character ingenuity. Gaming review website Kotaku released some of its gameplay videos and a game trailer to boot and both look awesome!

While it’s bound to become an online multiplayer shooting game, there is only a single player game available for the game’s beta version release next year. The heroes of Overwatch have their own awesome abilities and weapons and each stage are beautifully done. It’s not surprising of Blizzard to come up with these neat goodies. Accordingly, Overwatch is a reworked version of the PVP portion of Blizzard’s Titan, which was another MMO game but was overhauled in mid-2013.

I personally think that this might be a good move coming from Blizzard. One might think that they are trying to come up with more simple yet fun games instead of focusing years and years of development over a dying franchise. (*cough* Diablo *cough*) Look, I work at a SEO company in Birmingham and sometimes, working on my empty desk messes my flow of creative thoughts. This is why I sometimes pause whatever work I’m doing and would start playing simple games that doesn’t take up a lot of my time. Some gamers, however, believe that the multiplayer part of Overwatch shouldn’t be over-emphasized. I couldn’t agree more. Even I like a good single player game, nowadays.

Overwatch will be available on beta-version next year

Interaction of Children Through Games and the Internet

Image Credit: cbslocal.com

Image Credit: cbslocal.com

People have pretty much observed that the kids of today’s generation mature in a quicker pace than when we were kids ourselves. Some believe that this is because of the fact that the kids are exposed to a faster lifestyle and that parents also seemed to be in a hurry for their young ones to grow up. This can also be very much associated with the type of toys that these children have access to, these days.

Nowadays, kids have high-tech toys that require them to think comprehensively before they could use it. There is also the trend of having toy versions of gadgets, like toy tablets, toy mobile phones, even toy laptops. These toys have games that promote cognitive development, making our kids use their brains in a higher level while still playing and having fun.

Also, the internet is highly used by parents in teaching their children about the basics of life. From the basic ABC’s and 123’s to teaching about colors and shapes, up until teaching them valuable life lessons, the internet has become the guide of parents in nurturing their children.

Image Credit: 123rf.com

Image Credit: 123rf.com

High exposure to games and the internet has taught our children to communicate quite quickly, not just with us and other members of the family, but with other people on the internet, as well.

Communication via the internet is made possible because of a system called PBX system. Basically, it is a free version of a telephone system, because instead of the costly telephone line from a provider, the PBX system uses the free access of the internet, hence, it cost less or nothing at all.

There is a company with a good reputation in this kind of business, called Broadconnect. You can find out more about how Broadconnect’s hosted PBX system works in order for you to have a general idea how communication via the internet is made possible.

It is important to learn these things because as much as we rely with the internet in honing the skills and development of our child, we also have to consider the vast information that the internet has, and some of these information should be filtered before they reach our children.

There are also harmful information in the internet and if you do not have a secure system, you can easily be drowned in fraudulent information, unnecessary content, and violent people who use the internet to seek havoc even when there is no greater issue to discuss.

Image Credit: mspy-review.com

Image Credit: mspy-review.com

The internet is a lot of things, and it can be both your friend or your foe. That is why you have to be careful in exposing your children to it. If you have children with social media accounts, be sure to check them once in a while, not to interfere with their affairs, but just to monitor them and see if they are being good users of the internet.

Keeping the Gaming Hub Clean and Gamer-Friendly

Image Credit: nairablog.com

Image Credit: nairablog.com

Because I have always been hooked to games and gaming, I recently started a gaming hub business in New York. It has been going very well the hub is pretty established now. I have a lot of loyal customers and the new ones keep on coming every day. I have been adding more and more units of computers and consoles but the place still keeps on getting fuller and fuller and I still can’t accommodate everyone who comes in. I have already expanded the place and still I’m several units short. Despite the lacking units, my customers would watch others play and wait rather than head out and look for another gaming hub.

I have to say I am very blessed with this business venture. At first it was not earning much because people had their other favorite hangout places. NY is a lively place and people do not easily decide that your place is worthy of their time and money. But through the efforts, traffic inside my hub began to pick up. I am earning very well.

However, there is a downside to having very many customers. The heavy traffic of people that go in and out of the gaming hub has caused the place to always look worn out and old. I keep renovating the place and it would only be good for a couple of months until it is all beaten up again. I really don’t mind this since the hub is earning very well that even the cost for renovations is easily earned back. The real problem lies in the fact that too much people are coming in and out of the place which is causing dirt traffic. Meaning, dirt of all kinds also come in and out of the place, faster than my cleaning crew could take care of. The place is also a 24 hour hub so it is really a very difficult task to clean up from all the mess that gamers leave behind.

At one point, I saw molds growing at some parts of the shop. I immediately knew I had to contact a mold remediation NJ company. I was devastated at the sight because I know that molds are one of the worst kinds. They not only look dirty, they are very dirty in all senses. They are like home to other germs and bacteria, hence having them in your place could only mean that other harmful bacteria are also in there too.

Image Credit: vizimac.com

Image Credit: vizimac.com

It is for this reason that I do not wish for molds to extend their stay. After finding them, I immediately called for mold removal companies and had them assess the situation. They were very kind to cooperate with me because I could not afford to close the entire hub since the players, especially the loyal customers, would end up being annoyed. What I did was had the examination and removal of molds by parts. First I had them do the original part of the gaming hub. After they were done with that area, I had them move to the extension, while the gamers were asked to move back to the units in the original area of the hub.

The crew did a fantastic job with the molds. It was as if they were never there. Also, they were very understanding of the situation and they even made double efforts to have the molds eliminated in the fastest time possible. They also used chemicals that were not difficult to the nose so that nobody would complain and that other materials in the hub were not contaminated.

They also reminded me that another possible cause for the mold infestation is water damage in the area. They recommended that I contact Flooded NY Water Damage Restoration Company. I am going to have them check the gaming hub by next week.