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Technology has indeed changed the game, literally and figuratively. The gaming industry has reached a point where the virtual world is crossing over to the real world.  With different gaming consoles like the Xbox series, PlayStation Series, and Wii, plus state-of-the-art computers and laptops that have high definition qualities, gaming has never been this life-like.

But gamers and game-makers alike should be careful about their lives. And no, not just because they might get lost and forget what is real and what is make-believe, but because these games, both playing and creating it, entails a certain lifestyle that forgoes the use of the body, in a holistic sense.

Gaming provides little physical activity. Everything can be done at the tip of one’s fingertips. Hence, too much carpal work, less exercise for the rest of the body. As a result, the body tends to gain more weight and lose its natural strength and health. Hence, while your in-game character strength shoots off the chart, your body deteriorates and becomes fragile and sickly. When this happens, you might be forced to stop playing any further, thus, efforts to succeed in-game, is put to a waste.

Good thing there are products out in the market that support the body whenever it cannot find ways to detoxify and exercise on a regular basis.

But of course, aside from taking food supplements, it is also best to be inspired by our gaming characters by trying to bring them to life in your own body. This does not mean donning on costumes and make-up to look like them, but more like doing physical activities to become as strong as your hero and to be as well-built as they are. This way, you would not only feel good when you play games, but also feel good about yourself even outside the real world. This could help you maintain sanity and remind you that your in-game character is different from who you are and the world that you are in.

Start considering your life choices now. Bear in mind that if you give so much value for your in-game characters and you go through all efforts in order for them to survive the virtual world, then you should also give double, even triple, value and effort for your real body and for your real life.

Good luck on your journey to a healthier you while rocking on with your virtual buddies as well as your real-life buddies.